I am a Sales Professional, since 1985. My hobbies are cricket & listening to music. I love visiting temples especially in the Kumbakonam area. The calm and serene setting of the temples away from the hustle and bustle of the city really helps one to relax. The idea of starting this blog is to help people have maximum possible detail about any given temple. Often we miss a few salient features about a temple or we don’t visit another important temple nearby because we didn’t know about it. There are some people who have been writing blogs on their temple visits. Those blogs have brought to our knowledge some excellent but relatively unknown temples. I wish to thank them for the same. Of course, I gather as much information as possible from these blogs and other sources before visiting a temple, to ensure I do not miss out on the niceties of the temple. Still, there are times when I have missed out on certain things during my visits. The details given here is intended to help people have prior information and help plan their itinerary. I shall continually update the blog with details on new temples and also append/edit existing posts with new information as and when I get to know a new detail about a particular temple. I write about a temple in this blog only after visiting that temple. All details are based on my experience and information gathered at the temple. I have also provided the official contact details of the temples. In some cases I have provided contact details of the priests. This has been done just for the convenience of the readers and is by no means a recommendation. I urge the readers to exercise diligence and discretion before entering into any transaction with any one of them. I strongly recommend that you should approach only the temple authorities for performing any parihara pooja etc. As said earlier, this is a blog to help provide details to the readers and is being done more as a hobby.

Thank you and looking forward to your support.

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  1. Hello Rajamala,
    It is nice to see this blog. I wish more people come forward like this in different regions and bring out the glory of our culture and religion to make it easy for the seekers.All the best.

  2. Hello Dear,

    Very good collection of information about the temple, and I wish u that god should give u the strength to give such imformation about other temples its culture,its sansity and obout its way of woriship.




  3. Dear Sir,

    I am not sure whether you have added the Pillayar temple which we went in Thillai Tarpanapuri.
    Nara Mugha Vinayagar – I think you have the photo of the same if required i will send the same to you.

    I dont think many of the persons knows about the temple and the statue with human face.

    I just want to remaind you.


  4. i have been going thro your write ups great work keep it up
    if in your write ups you can add the map of the tem[ple itself it will be of great help

    • Dear Mr. Mukndhan

      Thank you for your comments. I have given a link to the map showing the location of the temple in each of the posts. As per your suggestion I am also embedding the map in the respective posts.



  5. Thanks for the information about the temple at Edayathumangalam. It happens to be the ancestral village on my father’s side. Hope to visit the village and the temple sometime when possible.

    • I read in this blog that Edayathumangalam is your ancestral village from your father’s side. Are you by any chance E.N.Narayanaswamy’s son?

  6. Hi,

    My father ,grandfathers have Edayathumangalam in thier initials and so Iam assuming my forefathers came from this village.Recently one of our astrologer mentioned about a Amman temple in the vicinity of Edayathumangalam which should be our “Kula Devam” and that we should try to visit the temple and do offerings and poojas.
    Since you are also from the same village, do you have any idea about any amman temple in the near by area ?
    Rajaram,virginia, USA

    • Well, that is interesting. That makes it two people with their roots in Edaiyathumangalam responding in my blog within a week of each other. Curious to know if we could be related. Yes there is the Poonkaavukudichi Amman temple just half a kilometre from the village. The temple Priest is Rajappa and he can be contacted on +919443560082

  7. Dear K.Narayanan,
    Thanks for the quick response to my query.Iam now on month long vacation to india(chennai) and have a week stay left now.Thanks for giving me the amman temple details,I just contacted Rajappas no and could speka to his wife.Iam now trying to con firm with my astrologer if that is the same temple he is referring .
    Yes we should try to see if our family root ancestory leads to any links !!
    Currently where are you residing ? chennai ?


  8. Hi Mr. Rajaram

    I enquired with my father but he is not able to connect with any of the names of your family. My grandfather Major N. Narayanan was a doctor and served in the Indian Army during the war. Our family moved to Madras from Madurai in the 1940s and we have been living in Mandaveli since 1946.

  9. Greetings!My ancestors are from Tamil nadu and my fore fathers had migrated away from India about 100 yrs ago. Lately I was informed that my kula deivam is Uthira Muthachi Amman and the temple is located in a village with hills/ elevated land around it. I have been trying to locate the village and the temple for the past couple of month but to no avail.If you have any information about the temple or advise on how to locate the temple, pls let me know. Totally appreciate it. Thanks

  10. Dear Sir,

    I appreciate you for the information.

    One of my friends brother is suffering from the cancer (4 th stage). He inquired me regarding a temple in Tamilnadu,where the cancer is cured on worship. I request you to reply me to my mail id,if any such temple/ temples are available for the cancer cure.

    with regards,

  11. Nice work, keep it up.. hope to see more updates and many more useful information..

  12. Very nice and interesting post.

  13. Hi

    we recently visited this beautiful village of Edayathumangalam which is very pleasing to the eyes with miles and miles of vazhai maram as far as you can see. The temple of Mangaleeswarar is very small and peaceful and the gurukkal did a good job of describing about it.

  14. I have taken a few snaps of the Mangaleeswarar temple

  15. Dear Ms. Usha

    Thank you for sharing those photographs. I have uploaded them in the blog.



  16. Could some one please give details of Seven Siva Temples in and around Ranipet worshiped by Saptha Rishis and having darshan of all the seven temples on a Mahasirathri Day will give benefit of Kailash Darshan

  17. K.Narayanan.
    Thanks to you pointing to the Poonga Vrikshi Amman Temple .Last month we were able to go to the temple ,infact after many generations ,our family members were able to visit our kula devam.
    Also where is the blog photo’s you had referred in earlier posts ?

  18. Hi

    Nice to know that my blog was of some help to you. I have not visited the village in the last year and hence I do not have any photos. The photos that I have posted are courtesy Ms. Usha, who also has her roots in Edayathumangalam.



  19. Sir, I saw in your blog that thirupullaboothangudi is birth place of thirumangai alwar, but in other blogs and in book it is stated that Thirukurayalur near Thirunagari is the birth place of THirumangai alwar, which is correct…can you pls let me which is correct, as i want to visit all avathara sthalams of alwars

    • Hi
      I had written that based on the notes and the details I had gathered at the temple. After you have brought to my notice I have also seen that most sites say that Thirukurayalur is the birth place of Thirumangai Alwar. However, I will once again ascertain during my next visit to the temple. Pending that, I am deleting the reference to his birth place in my blog.

      Thank you for bringing it to my notice.

      • Dear Mr. Narayanan, I stumbled upon this site quite by chance. I am an Engineer from Bangalore, passionate about Indian art and culture in all its aspects, including Carnatic Music, Agama Shastra, ancient monuments etc. I am also a freelance writer for Deccan Herald Newspaper on Music and musicians, spirituality and philosophy, current affairs, humour etc. I love visiting hoary temples. Your site is is very informative and you are indeed doing a praiseworthy job in bringing such matters to the notice about people like myself, who are unable to extensively cover these places like you do. I have visited quite a few places around Thanjavur. My salutations to you for this good work, which I deem as another from of service to the Lord, in encouraging the devout to learn about and visit these sacred places.

  20. Vanakkam Narayanan,

    Thank you for your blog – very interesting and helpful. I am trying to identify and locate a number of temples that were administered by the Dharumapuram Adhinam in the early 18th century. Your blog helped me to identify the Sri Lakshmipureeswarar Temple in Thiruninriyur. Would you be willing to help me identify some others? I have an old list of about 12 names of the deities and places, but the spelling is different from modern versions. If so, please email me.


  21. Dear Narayanan
    Happend to google for SriVanchiyam today while listening to an old recording of Brahmashri Anantharama Dikshitar’s upanyasam on Ramanayam where he mentions SriVanchiyam. The search led me to your blog/website. I feel as if if I have unearthed a treasure containing top quality information on a number of temples and surrounds that we have been wanting to visit for a long time. Hopefully, God willing we will be fortunate to visit these over a period of time in the near future. Keep up the great work.


  22. Dear Friends!
    Kindly permit me to correct the name of the Amman Temple at Edayathumangalam as Poonkaavukudichi Amman.
    I too beling to Edayathumangalam.
    And I just came across the blog.

    • Dear Bhaskar

      Thank You. I shall make a check on that once more and make the necessary correction. Good to see so many from Edayathumangalam reading my blog.


  23. Thank you.
    I have shared your Home page on my blog here so that it will help more people come to know about your blog.
    God Bless you.

    • Thank you very much Ms. Anjana. Just had a cursory glance at your blog. Seems to have a wealth of information. It deserves more time. I will visit your blog again during the weekend.

  24. Mr Narayanan,

    Excellent job. I really enjoy reading your blog. I have a much better appreciation of the Temples built during the Chola period.

  25. Excellent work. Last month I had been to temples around kumbakonam & thiruvarur. Your temple maps was a very useful guide. Thirukollikadu was good. Thanks for your time & hard work in cataloging the temples in detail. May God bless you.


  26. thank you so much. I was always longing to make a heritage trail visits to great temples of TN in the coming months. I serched and u have lot of information.
    i am particularly interested in architecturally ornamented, ancient (pre british period) temples which provide me the real essence of the life of spiritualism in hindu/dravidian life

  27. Dear Sir

    thanks for replying me previously regarding rameswaram. i think it will be very good if you can organise such tours or trips for pilgrims who want to see south indian temples. i think many people will really like and appreciate this. hope you can consider.

  28. Any mobile or landline no for Alangudi guru kshestram

  29. Please give me the details of kal bhairava Temple in rameshwaram and chennai

    • Not aware of any temple in Chennai. The following information about a temple near Chennai on Chennai Tirupathi route may be useful.

      Sri Vaaleeswarar Temple at Ramagiri

      Location: This place, also called Kaalinga Madu Karai or Thirukkaarikkarai is in the Chennai – Thirupathi route, after Suruttappalli and Nagalapuram, about 5 km from Nagalapuram. Picturesque mountains and sylvan scenery add beauty to the place.
      Main Deity: Sri Vaaleeswarar and Goddess Sri Maragadhambikai. Though this is a Shiva temple, the prime deity here is Sri Kala Bhairavar, also called as Santhaana Praapthi Bhairavar.
      Legend: At the behest of Rama, Anjaneya was making his way by air with a Shivalingam taken from Kasi to Rameswaram to be installed there. He was surprisingly confronted by strange and dry weather and scorching sun premeditated by Lord Kalabhairava, who wanted the Linga to be installed right here at his place. Unaware of this and driven by thirst Lord Anjaneya went on screening the whole area for water until finally found a beautiful calm cool pond. As the Linga was not to be placed anywhere before Rameswaram He looked for someone to keep the Linga while He drank water. Lord Kalabhairava in the form of a small boy came by and consented to hold the Linga. While Anjaneya was quenching his thirst, the boy told Anjaneya, that the Shiva Lingam was too heavy for him to hold anymore and kept it on the ground and went off. Anjaneya came back and saw the Shiva Lingam on the ground. He tried lifting it but he couldnt. He roped around the Shiva Lingam with his lengthy tail and tried to pull it up using all his strength. The Shiva Lingam tilted a bit but never came off the ground. Anjaneya understood the trick and he cursed the pond to become a hill. The pond became the hill here, on which a Murugan Temple is situated now. The Shiva Lingam which was brought by Lord Anjaneyar is situated in the temple at the foot hill. Since Anjaneya tried to pull the Shiva Lingam with his tail, the Lord here is called as Vaaleeswarar (Vaal means Tail in Tamil & Vaalam is the Sanskrit word for tail) .
      Temple: Two ancient temples, one at the foot-hill dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava and the other at the hill top dedicated to Lord Muruga. Water is coming out from Nandhis mouth perennially, the source being unknown; The temple is being maintained by Archeology department of Andhra Pradesh. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples in Chennai representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Ishana face of Lord Shiva.
      Worship Benefit: Bairavar here is called Santhaana Praapthi Bhairavar, famous for granting boon for child birth.

  30. Sir
    In life time atleast once I wish to visit and seek the blessing of presiding deities of the most important and big temples in Tamil Nadu.Pl provide in the of distance from either Madras or Tirupathi.I stay in Hyderabad.

  31. Sir, We want see Nattathu naayaki temple. kindly advice where is this place… thank you…… kindly sent the email sir…

  32. Hii,
    AM coming to kumabakonam rahu but on april 3rd and i want to do abhishekam for rahu graham.And od i need do any booking for poojaa?i need a urgent reply.

  33. Dear Sir,
    You had mentioned for Pooratadhi Nakshatram, the Lord being Kethu, the deity is “Adisesha Perumal Temple.” Could you be little more specific about the location of this temple pleae, and if possible contact no etc.
    Thank you for your service to Hindu community.

    • It is Thiru Ooragam divya Desam. It is also known as Ulagalanda Perumal temple and is located between Kamakshi Amman Temple and Kanchipuram bus stand.

  34. Dear Mr.Narayanan,

    I am pleased to see your website briming with information and images. I am currently writing my masters thesis on Temple tanks of Chennai. Since I am not physically present in India, I am doing all my research only through the internet and books bought online. Is it possible to use few images of temple tanks for my work with due reference given to you and your website? If yes, can I get images without the water marks.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes. Please let me know which are the images that you want and I shall send them by mail. Provide your mail id.

  35. Thank you for replying back Mr.Narayanan. I am working on temples in and around Chennai and will be nice if you can send all pictures of Chennai temples.
    My email ID is mentioned in the reply – priya.kuku@gmail.com

    Thank you once again for your help and I will send you the copy of my work once submitted.
    Warm Regards,

  36. Namasthe,
    I saw the temple of Sudarshana,Kalyana Raman,Swarna Anjaneya,Yoga Narasimha temple
    located at Gnayiru,telecast by Sun TV on 3/1/2016. I would like to have the location details of this
    temple. Your blog is exceptionally good

  37. Dear Sir,

    Your blog is very informative. We would like to include our temple in your blog. Please let me know how can we do that.

    Shri Anandhavalli sametha Shri Agastheeswarar temple is located at Sembangudi, famous for our very own famous carnatic vocalist/ singer Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer.

    Shri Agastheeswarar is consecrated by Vedic sage Shri Agasthiyar, Shri Anandhavalli is Sri chakra pradhishtai, pooja done by Sri Vidhya upasagar ( lineage goes upto 5 generations).
    Shri Anandhavalli – the Giver of Happiness, Goddess bestowing both enjoyment and liberation. She is the Giver of Great Good fortune and Eloquence.

    Maha Periyavar has stayed here for 90 days and worshipped Shri Anandhavalli.

    Semmangudi is 28 kms from Kumbakonam. This is located in Kumbakonam – Thiruvarur road.

    Thank you so much for your support.

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