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Anandavalli Sametha Agastheeswarar Kovil at Pozhichalar is one of the Navagraha Temples around Chennai. This is probably the only Sani Parihara kshetram in Thondai mandalam. The Presiding Deity is known as Lord Agastheeswarar as this is one of the several temples where Sage Agastya worshipped. The Lord is facing East and His Consort Goddess Anandavalli is facing South in this temple. On 7th, 8th and 9th of the tamil month of Chittirai (Around Third week of April), the Sun’srays fall directly on the Shivalingam. The shivalingam here is a self manifested one or a Swayambhu. Lord Saneeswarar’s shrine is facing West. It is said that the Shivalingam was unearthed when the Mudaliars who owned these lands were ploughing their fields. This region was once ruled by Cholas. The original name of this place is Pugazh Chola Nallur which has been corrupted to Pozhichalur. As seen in many of the temples built by the Cholas around Chennai, the main Vimanam is Gaja Prushti Vimanan (shaped like the back of a seated elephant). This temple was built in the 12th Century AD. This temple is mentioned in Nadi Jodhidam for parikarams and hence it is popularly known as Naadi Pariharasthalam.





Legend goes thus; Saneeswarar causes a lot of turbulance and disturbance in the life of people when Saneeswarar is not favourably placed in their horoscope. He got worried about this as He thought that He was accumulating sin for these acts of His. He prayed to Lord Shiva and sought a solution. Lord Shiva asked Saneeswarar to go to Pozhichalur and woship Him there. Accordingly, Saneeswarar came to Pozhichalur and dug a pond called Nallar Sani Theertham and worshipped Lord Shiva there. He washed off all his in this tank. Since Saneeswarar himself was absolve of all His sins here, this is a Sani dosha nivarthi sthalam.



Lord Saneeswarar’s shrine faces west and is considered to be very powerful. This place is often referred to as Vada Thirunallar. He is seen with a Chin Mudra. It is said that it is third in the order of Sani Parihara kshetrams after Dharbaranyeswarar temple at Thirunallar and Kuchanur Saneeswarar Temple. Crow, which is the vahanam of Saneeswarar, are seen in large numbers when devotees make their offerings. Feeding the crows, dogs and cattle is said to rid one of the Sani dosham.

Idols of Vinayakar, Subramanyar, Dhakshinamurthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Vishnu Durgai can be seen in the koshtam. Interesting feature is that the koshta murthy of Vishnu is present in the place of Lingothbhavar. In the outer praharam, one can see Anjaneyar, Vinayakar, Subramanyar, Nagars and Shiva Lingam.

Temple Timings:

5.45 AM to 12.00 PM

4 PM to 08.30 PM

On Saturdays

5AM to 01.00 PM

3.00 PM to 09.00 PM

Daily Puja Timings:

5.45 am Ushakalam Pooja
8.00 am Kalashanthi Pooja
11.30 am Utchikala Pooja
3.00 pm Sayaratchai
8.30 pm Arthasama Pooja

Temple Location: 

Bus routes to Pozhichalur.

M52 Pallavaram Pozhichalur 20 mins
M52BET Pozhichalur Hasthinapuram 20 mins
M52ET Pozhichalur Guduvanchery 60 mins
52S Nemilicheri Pozhichalur 80 mins
52H Pozhichalur Manimangalam 120 mins
52 Broadway Pozhichalur 140 mins
X60G Broadway Pozhichalur 160 mins


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Temple Address and Contact Details:

Arulmigu Anandavalli Sametha Agastheeswarar Kovil


Chennai-600 074,

Phone : +91 44 22631410 & +91 44 32564022

Mobile :+91 93818 17940



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  1. Interesting and informative. Pl continue the good work. God bless you.

  2. please details about stay near temple, parihara procedures, advance booking if any…to my mail id. (with full details)

    • Please contact temple authorities for procedure regarding parihara procedure etc. As for stay is concerned, this temple is in Chennai city and near the airport. You can find accommodation to suit all types of budget on the internet.

  3. Thanks for valuable info. Do we need to leave clothes after darsham as like thirunallur and can we pour sesame oil on idol? please share if you have any info

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