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Swarnavalli sametha Muktheeswarar temple is located at Thilatharpanapuri 2.6kms from Koothanur. Koothanoor is near Poonthottam which is on Mayavaram – Tiruvarur Road. The nearest railway station is at Poonthottam. The main deities here are Swarnavalli Thayar and Mukthiswarar. The name Thilatharpanapuri comes from two words thil meaning Gingely and tharpana is the Hindu ritual of performing pithru karmas (ritual of paying tribute to ancestors) to ones ancestors.  It is also known as Sethalapathy.

There are 7 sthalams for performing these rituals viz. Kasi, Rameswaram, Srivanchiyam, Thiruvenkadu, Gaya, Thiriveni Sangamam & Thilatharpanapuri.

Pitru dosham can occur when the souls of our ancestors and departed forefathers do not get peace due to any of the following reasons,

  • when shradham (ritual of paying tribute to ancestors) is not performed.
  • Bad deeds while they were alive
  • Bad deeds of the children of the departed
  • Lack of fulfillment of desires

Simple ways to get rid of Pitru Dosham (Ancestral sin) is to feed the needy on Amavasya day (New Moon day) and perform the tharpanam (ritual of paying tribute to ancestors) regularly. By satisfying the departed souls of our ancestors, we can have their blessing for a happy and peaceful life.

Rama performed tharpanam (ritual of paying tribute to ancestors) for Dasaratha at various placing by placing four pindams (rice balls). However, to his dismay the pindams would turn into worms each time he performed the ritual. A worried Rama prayed to Lord Shiva, who advises Rama to go to mantharavanam (manthaaram is the flower of the coral tree, one of the five special trees of heaven) and offer his prayers to Him (shiva) there. He was instructed to take bath in the Arasalar river near there, before performing the Pitru Tharpanam. Rama did as instructed. The four pindams that until now were turning into worms at other places, to his amazement, became four Lingams. Dasaratha Maharaja thus attained mukthi (salvation) and hence the name of the deity here is Muktheeswarar. Since then, the locals believe that that performing the Pitru Tharpanam here absolves you of all your Pitru Sabams (ancestral curse) and Pitru Doshams (ancestral sins). In the outer praharam (circumambulatory path) you can see the idol of Rama performing the tharpanam and also the four lingams known as Pitru Lingams.  Click here to listen to the temple priest’s narration about the temple.

This place is considered equivalent to Kasi or Rameswaram. Performing tharpanam here on Amavasya day is considered special. This is a Mukthikshetram. Like Srivanchiyam, it is believed that the sinned will not be able to visit this temple and a planned visit to this temple is not possible.

Nara Mukha Vinayakar, Thilatharpanapuri

Nara Mukha Vinayakar, Thilatharpanapuri

The shrine for Adhi Vinayakar (also known as Nara mukha vinayakar) is just outside the main temple. Here you can see Ganesha with a human head and hence the Naramukha vinayakar. This place is also known as Sithalapathi. The story of Shiva beheading Naramukha Vinayaka who was created by Parvati and then replacing the head with an elephant head is well known. What is less known is, Shiva had instructed his troops to fetch the head of anyone found sleeping with his head placed towards North. They found this elephant sleeping with its head towards North. This is probably one of the reasons why we are forbidden from sleeping with our head pointing towards North. Shiva named the boy Ganapati – meaning commander of his troops and granted a boon that Ganapati shall be worshipped by everybody before starting anything new.  Click here to listen about Nara Mukha Vinayakar.


Click here for the Map

Koothanur is near Poonthottam which is on Mayavaram – Tiruvarur Road.  Thjs place is about 2 Kms from Poonthottam.

Boarding & Lodging:

Have your travel base as Tiruvarur, Mayiladuthurai or Kumbakonam.  If you don’t mind putting up with little discomfort and are a seasoned traveller there is a Sankara Mutt in Koothanur where you can spend the night.

Temples Nearby:

The Goddess is Swarnavalli thayar, which is another name for Lakshmi. Kanakadhara stotram was composed here. All the three forms of Shakthi viz Lakshmi (Swarnavalli) at Thilatharpanapuri, Durga (Lalithambigai) at Thirumeyachur and Saraswathi at Koothanur are present nearby.

Seshapureswarar Temple at Thirupamburam is also close to this temple.

Temple Timings: 6AM to 12 Noon and 4 Pm to 9 PM

Temple Address:

Arulmigu Muktheeswarar Kovil



Temple Priest: Sri Visvanatha Sivachariar 04366-239700


  32 Responses to “Thilatharpanapuri or Adhi Vinayakar Temple”

  1. SPS says murthi is really a Candeswarar

  2. I have visited the adivinayakar temple three years back and it is really very nice to see the article in the net. thanks for your valuable time in spending to bring the temple into lights.

  3. Very informative. Keep up ur good work…

    Expecting a lot more info…..

  4. Today is memorable day in my life. Till today, I do not know that there is a temple of Ganeshji with human face. I am planning to visit the temple. Thanks to all who worked on this website. Please keep your works on………

  5. how to contact the temple at thilatharpanapuri?

  6. I wish to perform tharpanam on 30th Sep, 2016. At what time I am supposed to be there (where) to perform and are there vathiers present to administer tharpanam? Pl. respond urgently as I have to do travel plans.

  7. Pl. advise me where to come at what time to perform tharpanam on 30-09-2016. Are there vathiers available to administer the ritual? Contact nos., if any? The information is needed urgently as to prepare my travel plans.

  8. Temple priest’s landline number is not functioning. Any other contact number please? what is the difference between thila homam being performed at rameswaram and this thila tharppanam here? are both same?

  9. The bloc says only about tharpanam. But anyone has done sratham (annual ceremony) for mother or father on their thithi day. If so, please inform me their experience with Sivachariars.

  10. I WISH TO DO SRATHAM (annual ceremony) to my father at Thilatharpanapuri. We are Telugu Brahmins and wish to do as per Andhra Sampradayam. Is there any Telugu Shastrigal around Thilatharpanapuri or at Thiruvarur, Poonthottam, or Koothanur. If anybody Telugu Brahmins, has done srartham there, please give information with name of sastrigal ,phone or mob no. or send SMS to 0-9445419951. It will be very helpful.
    080-26653552 / Mob: 0-9445419951

    • Dear Mr. Subramaniyan

      Please contact the priest at 9442390299

      • Dear Dhananjayan Sir,

        For Thilatharpanam, what you say may be correct. But for Srartham (annual ceremony) for mother or father, on the actual thithi day only we should do the ceremony and tharpanam, as suggested by the Priest Shri Swaminatha Sivachariar.


        • I mentioned only that it is nithya amaavaasai sthalam as seen there. This a one of special places for tharppanam as rameswaram. have you asked there who are presiding for performing tharppanam? consulted the incharge? what did he tell?

      • Dear Mr Narayanan,
        This mob no is that of Mr Swaminatha Sivachariar. I have already. If you know any Telugu Vadyar or Sastrigal at Poonthottam, Thiruvarur or Kumbakonam, please advise.If you have any relatives, they may know. Please check and advise. Will be very helpful.

        • Dear Mr Subramaniyan

          I am sorry that I am unable to help you. I don’t know any Telugu vadyar or Sastrigal there.



          • “THILATHARPANAM” is performed by any (Brahmin) individual (for his expired father) on every new mon (amavaasai) day at home. It takes not more than 10 minutes and be performed without need any purohit or vadhiyar. But you are supposed to set aside some ‘dakhina’ for vadhiyar when your meet him. Hence no homam or agni(fire) involved.


  11. hi sir

    i am from singapore and would like to do a pitru pooja for this sarva malaaya ammavasi for my late father selvakanapathy. He is shiva gothra.Can this be done in this temple and please do let me know the cost and details so that i can send the money through my singapore western union.

    ann selva

    • This is a blog I write to share my experience about the temples I have visited. Kindly contact the temple authority or priest in the number I have provided in the blog. I have no information on the cost etc

  12. We want priest number to contact for tharpanam. By Dr.A.Marimuthu Astrologer Ph: 9442282520

  13. Sir, I am planning to perform Shraddha karma to my mother, father and forefathers somewhere in May or June. 2018. Kindly give me route from Hydearabad and any information to stay ( lodging ) .I don’t know Tamil.Is there anybody who can guid me in Telugu or in English.

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