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Thiruveezhinathar Kovil, Thiruveezhimizhalai in Tiruvarur district of Tamilnadu is close to Tiruvarur, Mayavaram and Kumbakonam. The Presiding Deity is Kalyanasundareswarar and His consort is Sundarakushanmbigai. She is also known as Kathyayani. The sthala vruksham is Veezhi maram and the theertham is Vishnu Theertham. The Shivalingam here is a Swayambhu (self-manifisted). This is a Mada Kovil (built a few feet above ground level). There is a Paathala nandhi under the steps leading to the main sannadhi.

Pathala Nandi, Thiruveezhimizhalai

Pathala Nandi, Thiruveezhimizhalai



This is a huge temple and the surrounding walls are really massive; about thirty to thirty five feet high. There is also a huge temple tank right in front of the temple. This East facing temple is one of the 275 Padal petra sthalams of Lord Shiva. This temple is owned and maintained by Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam.





In the Southern side of the outer praharam a shrine for Padikkasu Vinayakar is present. Somaskandar, Murugan, Mahalakshmi are present in the Western side. Adhi Dakshinamurthy is present in the Northern side of the praharam. The vimanam of the main shrine was supposed to have been brought from heaven by Vishnu, and is hence known as Vinnizhi Vimanam.





There is also a separate shrine where Shiva is present in his human form with his Consort. He appears in kalyana kolam. The legend has it that Sage Kathyayana did not have children and wanted one. He and his wife Sumangalai prayed to Goddess Parvathi. When the Goddess appeared, the Sage asked for a boon that the Goddess herself be born as his daughter. Parvathi was pleased with his devotion and granted the boon. Accordingly She was born to the couple and grew up in the hermitage as Kathyayani. When Kathyayani attained marriageable age, the Sage requested Lord Shiva to marry her. The Lord consented and married her here. Sage Kathyayana aslo requested the Lord to be present here permanently and make this His abode. He also wanted The Divine Couple to appear in Kalyana Kolam at this place. People facing hurdles in getting married pray to the Lord here for early marriage. There is a mandapam facing the Sannadhi. This mandapam which is called Vavval Nethi mandapam has no supporting pillar in the centre. There is a pandalkal in the north east corner of the mandapam. Devotees pray to Mappillaiswamy and then circumambulate the pandalkal in the faith that the marriage will happen soon.



To commemorate this Divine marriage, Kalyana Utsavam is conducted every year at this temple on Maham star day in the tamil month of Chithirai. It is said that Lord Shiva borrowed money to meet His marriage expenses and then again immediately after marriage to meet further expenses related to marriage. He is known as Manakkadan Petra Shivan. During the annual festival He is taken out in procession as Bitchandavar a day before the Kalyana Utsavam and four days after the Kalyana Utsavam.




Lord Vishnu did penance on Lord Shiva here to get his chakrayudham. He had lost the same in his fight with Jalandhara. Vishnu, during his daily prayers offered a thousand and eight lotuses to Lord Shiva everyday. Lord Shiva one day wanted to test Lord Vishnu. He hid one of those flowers. At the end of the pooja, when Lord Vishnu noticed that He was short by one flower, He just plcuked out His left eye and placed it in front of Lord Shiva. Shiva was overwhelmed and presented Him the Sudarshana Chakram.


There is no Navagraha Sannadhi in this temple. This is an indication that this temple is very old. There are however, a flight of staircase of nine steps that represent the navagrahas. Similarly there are also staircases of 12 steps and 7 steps representing the 12 months and the 7 days of the week respectively.




It is believed that a parrot visits the temple daily and worships Lord Shiva here. There is a small hole in the wall behind the Shivalingam through which the parrot enters the Sanctum Sanctorum (sannadhi). See the picture below.


Thirugnanasambandar and Sundarar visited Thiruveezhinathar Kovil, Thiruveezhimizhalai and stayed at this village for sometime. They were taken aback by the poverty and decided to do their bit for the local people. They prayed to God and God obliged. Everyday they would find a Gold coin in the temple and sold it off. They used the money generated to feed all the people of the village. Devotees pray to God by keeping a coin at the Padikkasu peedam and take it back home and keep them in their pooja. It is with utmost faith that people do this and pray for prosperity.





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Temple Timings: 6 AM to 12 Noon & 4 PM to 9 PM

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அருள்மிகு உமா மஹேஷ்வரர் கோவில், கோனேரிராஜபுரம்

Temple Address:

Sri Veezhinatheswarar temple,


Tiruvarur Dist.


Phone no. 04366-273050 Mobile: +91-94439-24825

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