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Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil is one of the rare temples where Lord Brahma has a separate shrine. There is an interesting story behind Brahma not having many temples dedicated to Him.  Once, Vishnu and Brahma had a dispute as to who amongst the two was superior.  They approached Shiva and asked Him to play Judge.  Shiva then appeared as a huge Lingam and said that whichever of the two saw the feet and the head of the Lingam and returned first would be adjudged superior to the other.  Brahma took the form of a Swan and went in search of the head while Vishnu took the form of a Boar and dug into the earth to reach the feet.  Vishnu accepted defeat and returned. Brahma was not the one to accept defeat so easily.  He saw a Thazhampu or Ketaki (common name – Fragrant screw pine) coming down.  On enquiry the flower said that it was coming from top of the Shiva Lingam.  Brahma enlisted the flower to testify before Shiva that Brahma had indeed reached the top of the Lingam.  When they both approached Shiva and claimed Brahma’s victory, Shiva was very angry with Brahma for having told a lie and with Ketaki flower for false testimony about Brahma’s “discovery” of the top of the Lingam.  He cursed them both.  He cursed that henceforth Brahma would not be worshipped and would not have Temples built for Him.  He also cursed the flower that it would not be used in any religious ritual.  There are possibly just a couple of temples where Brahma is the main deity.  There are a few other temples where Brahma is given importance and has separate shrine.  Thirupattur or Thirupidavur near Trichy is one such temple.

Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil

Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil


Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil

Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil


In my earlier post on Uthamar Koil or Bitchandar Koil and Thiru Kandiyur, I had narrated the story of Brahma’s fifth head being plucked off by Shiva and the travails of Shiva due this act and finally His absolution.  This temple at Thirupattur is connected with that same story.  Brahma went on Pilgrimage of Shiva temples after He lost His fifth head and also being stripped of the responsibility of creation.  In the course of His pilgrimage, Lord Brahma also visited this temple and installed 12 lingams around Bramhapureeshwarar and worshipped Shiva here for a very long time. Shiva, on Parvathy’s recommendation liberated Brahma from the curse and restored the power and responsibility of creation to Brahma. Shiva also blessed Brahma that He would have a separate shrine at this temple. He also instructed Brahma that since Brahma himself had His destiny rewritten here for the better; Brahma should rewrite the destinity of His devotees visiting this temple. While Shiva was absolved of the Brahmahatti dosham at Bitchandar Koil and Thiru Kandiyur, Brahma was absolved of His sin here.

The 12 Lingams of Lord Shiva which were installed by Brahma are Sri Bhramapureeswara, Sri Pazamalainathar, Sri Pathalaeswarar, Sri Sudharaneeswarar, Sri Thayumannar, Sri Sabthagereswarar, Sri Kalathinathar, Sri Jambukeswarar, Sri Kailasanathar, Sri Arunachaleeswarar, Sri Ekambreswarar, Sri Manduganathar.  These lingams housed in separate shrines are seen around the Brahma theertham. Brahma theertham is the pond from which Brahma took the water for performing puja to Shiva.

Brahma Theertham, Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil

Brahma Theertham, Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil


Brahma Theertham, Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil

Brahma Theertham, Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil


A view of two of the Shivalingams around Brahma Theertham. Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.

A view of two of the Shivalingams around Brahma Theertham. Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.


Names of the Lingams installed by Lord Brahma. Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.

Names of the Lingams installed by Lord Brahma. Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.



Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.

Tirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Koil.

Since Lord Shiva absolved Brahma of His sins, He is known as Brahmapureeswarar in this temple.  The lingam here is a Swayambhu (self manifested) lingam.  His consort here is called Brahma Sampath Gowri (The one who gave Brahma’s wealth back) or BrahmaNayagi.

Brahma’s shrine is in the circumambulatory corridor of Brahmapureeswarar’s shrine.  The 6 ft tall deity with an eternal covering of turmeric paste or manjal kappu can be seen in padmasana posture on a lotus.

 Brahma at Thirupattur


The Jeeva Samadhi of Patanjali Munivar is located near Brahma’s shrine.  A pathala lingam is also located close the shrine.

There are seven doorways through which we have to go before reaching the sanctum sanctorum of Brahmapureeswarar, which is at a distance of 300 metres from the main entrance. What is amazing is that the main deity is clearly visible from the main entrance. That’s not all. The Sun’s rays still can fall directly on the Shivalingam for three days every year viz., 15th, 16th and 17th of the Tamil month Panguni. These dates are approximately the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April.




Thirupattur (or Thirupidavur) is around 35 km from Trichy on the Trichy – Chennai Highway.  While driving from Trichy, take a left near Siruganur and the temple is about 6 km here.  It is at a distance of about 16 km from Samayapuram (Mariamman temple).

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Boarding & Lodging:

Have your travel base as Trichy which is just about 35 Kms from here.

Other temples nearby:

Bitchandar Koil or Uthamar Koil

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

Ekambareswar and Thandayutha Pani Swami Temples, Chettikulam

Gneelivaneswarar temple, Thirupainjili

Pundarikaasha Perumal Temple at Thiruvellarai

Jambukeswarar Kovil, Thiruvanaikaval

Temple Timings: 6AM to 1 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM

Temple Address:

Arulmighu Brahmapureeswarar Koil

Tirupattur 621105

Trichy Taluk

Trichy District.

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  1. I like this temple & i want much more photo grafee

  2. This koil address and contact phone nos may also be published for visit. Thank u

  3. i got the proper information regarding brahma

  4. D.Tamilarasan

    i went to this temple on 10/6/2011 its very interesting temple… and like this temple very much….. All should visit this temple…..

    • I am Srinviasan working in Ashok leyland. I would like to visit thirupattur, samayapuram and Srirangam – this would be a one day visit and mostly I will go in a govt. bus or auto. Please indicate how to cover these two areas. Mainly, from Trichy bus stand to Tirupattur – how can we go ? what would be the conveyance ? how will have to be spent for car / auto to go to Tirupattur and back. Pleaase do reply or call me on 9841040291

  5. Nice article. Thanks for the info.

  6. it is very best holy place for lord Brahma , if any dispute in our families , brahma will definetely solve the problems

  7. I visited this temple second time yesterday with my family.It is a great tyemple with enormous power.Statue of Bramha is a beauty. Great architecture.Unfortunately temple is not at all maintained properly.So many people are visiting the temple every day.Does it mean that there is no enough income for the temple even to clean & distill the well Brahma teertam which is not very big & can be cleaned easily??!It was in a pathetic state.Actually this theertam should be offered to the devotees but any one sees the state of this will find it difficult to accept it.What is thw way out?Water in the teertam was green in colour.It is like a dust bin with plates & residue of prashadam thrown inside.
    Those who are reading it please send it to as many peole as possible so that more people visit the temple and donate generously .It should also go to the knowledge of Aranilayathurai & Honourable CM.If she comes to know she will definitely take immediate action.It is a great historic monument.
    We are talking about ancient Hindu temples getting destroyed in Pakistan & Afghanistan.What are we doing about some thing happening in front of our eyes

    • You are absolutely right. Most of the temples surroundings in India are filthy. People are not proud. One day I hope to visit this beautiful temple.

      Blessings to all


  8. Right word S/Shri.Swaminathan, we save our spritual resources first to carry to present and future generation.

  9. Just few days back I got to know about Brahma temple. As Mr Swaminathan rightly govt through endowment department may kindly ensure that the sanctity of the temple, premises surrounding and other things are maintained properly. This will definitely go a long way in the popularity of the temple and many more people visit the temple.
    Will the concerned authority look into this.

    LAKHMINARYANA 9880788413

  10. Of late, I came to know about this temple at Tirupattur. There are more & more articles about this temple are being published in Divine Magazines. I pray that Brahma will soon grant me an opportunity to visit & worship him will my family.

  11. Please note that the temple timings are from 7amto12Noon and 4pmto9pm.

  12. i have to go to tirupattur from trichy in the afternoon after 2 pm. Is there any bus facility at this time to reach tirupattur before 3 pm.

  13. is there any bus facility from trichy to reach tirupattur before 3 pm

  14. Visit Pulipana siddhar temple nearer to this temple(around 2km). It’s very old temple. You can find even dinosaur sculpture in the rocks.

  15. It is not only the govenment’s effort. Every citizen of India should take it as a responsibility. They visit the temple to get blessings. Free of cost from lord. Nothing is free in this irked. We owe a duty to serve god,to serv the nation, to serve our family etc., why should not all devotees contribute at least 100rs. And make it a fund to clean the theertham… Why should not the people develop some patriotism towards their own land, for their beautiful culture, temples etc.,,, oh Brahma change the fate of India soon….

  16. i am in begging to clear my sins by lord brhammabureeswarar and brahmma as well as change my fates in positive .i hope that the lords will recover my problems and give me peace in my life .I want a chance to to be in the foot of the lords in thiruppattur.

  17. DEAR SIR,

  18. I have been to this temple twice. No doubt it is a wonderful temple. However my fate has not changed for the good. In fact it has changed for the worst. There is still no turning point in my life. It’s been 3 yrs since I visited this temple. This is purely my personal experience and I am hereby not offending the sentiments of any devotees. I have totally lost faith. Only if miracles happen in your life you get faith. Otherwise the concept of faith does not arise. ???

    • Dear sandhya please DO NOT loose hope , it is a great sign that it is getting worse . it’s proves that your going to the temple and Lord Brahma’s blessings is working. there is NO WAY that it is NOT going to work. if you were brought to the temple that itself means that it HAS to get better.
      Have patience and 1008% faith in Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. All your past karma are dissolving and coming out in that form . you are thinking that it is getting worse, but the fact is that it is cleansing your soul. it is a cleansing process.
      DO NOT get dis-heartened and Cheer Up! you are one of the luckiest one TRUST me.

      los angeles, CA

      • Dear Mamta,

        I am surprised to get a letter from CA. How do you know about this temple? Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope your words come true. Best wishes for the new year. Thanks & Regards Sandhya

  19. hi,

    can anyone let us know the auspicious day to visit the temple to perform special pooja. would be grateful, if someone shares the contact number of the temple or Gurukul to know more details.

    thanks in advance.

  20. Dear Mr. Suresh Kumar,

    Lord Brahma is the preceptor of Guru. An old proverb says that if Guru’s grace falls on you, it will propel you into prosperity. You will be rid of all your worries and sins. All of us desire to achieve a higher state of happiness, prosperity and peace in our lives. We all want to be much healthier than we currently are. Thursdays are more auspicious to visit the temple since Thursday is referred to as Guru Varam and this is a Guru Shrine. Next auspicious day after Thursday is Monday. Do not know about the special pooja timings. Here is the contact No of the temple: 431 2909599. You can contact the No for further details. Best Wishes.

    • thank you for your information, past 7 days i tried to contact the temple no 4312909599,but this number was swiched off

  21. Dear Harsha,

    Please try these numbers…

    Baskara Gurukkal (Brahma Sannadhi)
    0431-2650439 / 9443817385

    I got this information from one blog… This time by God’s Grace you will able to reach. Best wishes

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