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I had earlier listed the temples pertaining to each of the 27 Birth Stars for Janma Nakshathiram.  Now, I am listing out the Temples for Janma Rasi or Lunar Zodiac Signs of the Moon.  These are the temples where you can do dosha nivarthi pujas or appeasement pujas. I have already written about four of these temples viz  ThiruvisanallurKarkadeswarar Temple at ThirundudevankudiVanchinathaswamy Temple at SriVanchiyam &  Vaitheeswaran Koil.  I will write about the rest as well, over a period of time. I am not mentioning the corresponding English name of the rasis, lest the readers confuse it with the Sun Signs.  The list of Temples for Janma Rasi or Lunar Zodiac signs is as below.


Sivayoginathar Temple at Thiruvisanallur about 6 Kms from Thiruvidaimarudhur

Katakam or Karkataka

Karkadeswarar Temple at Thirundudevankudi 1 Km away from Thiruvisanallur.


RamanathaswamyTemple at Rameswaram


Subramaniya Swamy Koil at Thiruttani


Ekambareswarar Koil at Kanchipuram


Murugan Temple at Palani


Mayuranathar Temple at Mayavaram


Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram


Vanchinathaswamy Temple at SriVanchiyam near Nannilam


Thilakeshwarar temple at Devipattinam


Vedagireeswarar Temple at Thirukazhukundram near Chinglepet


Vaitheeswaran Koil near Sirkali.

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  1. Heart-felt Thanks!

  2. natshatram temples are given with full information

  3. Thank you very much for the detailed description and photos. Could you also write about the temple for Kanya rasi?

  4. pl sent me potho of god karkadeswar on my email.addspl

  5. Thank you very much for this information. May I know what are the opening hours for these temples ?

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